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25+ years of technical writing experience

Technical writing

Technical editing


Desktop publishing

Operation and Maintenance Manuals for Industrial Equipment


Corporate Plans, Policies, and Procedures


MS, Rhetoric and Technical Communication

BS, Automotive and Heavy Equipment Management

AAS, Heavy Duty Engine Technology

Hands-on mechanic and electrician

Experienced in electrical circuit troubleshooting and repair

William Lewis Tell me about your
documentation challenge.



For 2014-2020 work experience
(not all clients listed):

Résumé (.pdf)

Presentation (.pdf)
The value-added I bring to your project, shown and explained using before/after examples.


Professional attributes

Intrinsically motivated

Quickly learns and comprehends new technologies and systems

Interfaces professionally and efficiently with subject-matter experts

Considerable drive to complete projects under-budget and ahead of schedule

Absolute commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and 100% useful, value-added content

What do I mean by "added value" with respect to technical manuals? I mean that procedures should not simply document the obvious, but capture the native knowledge of SMEs.

If an instruction is to be highly useful to an experienced technician, the technical writer must delve deeper into the process to find value beyond what is easily discovered or surmised via existing documentation and drawings. This can be accomplished by asking the right questions of technicians already experienced in the particular procedure or process.

With respect to graphics, I have techniques for extracting their maximum value instead of merely allowing them to occupy space on a page with only an implied connection to the text. This is in addition to ensuring every sentence, paragraph, and illustration is well-designed and of clear benefit to the user--no wordiness or low-utility filler material.


Expert User:
Adobe Framemaker
Adobe InDesign
Microsoft Word

Veteran, US Navy--for details, follow the Marine link.

Creative, outside-the-box thinker

No matter if I'm hired as an independent, agency contractor, or employee, I always "think like a consultant."

This means I always look for ways to provide added value to my employer. My technique is to continually view tasks from numerous angles and apply problem-solving imagination.

Quality and continuous improvements happen when one seeks out and is open to the ideas of others, sees beyond the rules, and does not limit their thinking to "the way it's always been done."