Heavy Equipment/Automotive


Eugene, OR

Independent contract

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August 2014 to October 2015:

Wrote new-model operation and maintenance manuals for industrial wood grinders and chippers.

Wrote two entirely new service manuals which included hydraulic set-up, hydraulic and electrical troubleshooting, R & R of major assemblies, and bearing replacement procedures. These projects required considerable time on the factory floor observing, asking questions, and taking photos.

June 2008 to Jan. 2009:

Updated operation and maintenance manuals for industrial wood-product grinders.

Developed hydraulic troubleshooting and set-up procedures for the Model 5000 debarker-chipper.

Manitowoc Cranes

Manitowoc, WI

(employee, 2013-2014)

Wrote and updated operation and maintenance manuals for hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems.

Developed new sub-system descriptions of operation and schematics [example] for use in training courses.

Brought to management's attention the true state of legacy text left unreviewed for many years. Pro-actively pushed for acceptance of the need for upgrades and corrections, then performed the needed tasks while seamlessly completing assigned work projects within deadlines.

Voluntarily assumed numerous writing projects.

Created and established the use of PID-like infographics to illustrate electro-hydraulic sub-systems.

Contributed to team development by providing detailed peer review editing comments and suggestions.

Case-study presentations: During team meetings, presented quality issues uncovered while conducting updates, along with "how solved."

Established progress-tracking of documentation projects which provided:

- a quick reference for project statuses

- transparency with respect to work accomplished by individual writers

Northwestern Motor Co.

Wollard Airport Equipment

Eau Claire, WI

(employee, 4 years)

Contributed to team development by providing detailed peer review editing comments and suggestions.

Wrote operation, maintenance, and repair manuals and spare-parts lists for airport ground support equipment (to ATA 101 and Mil-Spec standards).

Converted all manuals from dense text in various word-processing formats to Framemaker. This presented the opportunity to design a more user-friendly layout.

Streamlined the manual-production environment to the extent that one highly competent writer could accomplish what had previously required three.

Single-handedly ran technical publications department, maintaining manuals for approximately 16 models within three product lines.

Vastly improved the overall quality of the company's user manuals.

John Deere

(contract, one year)

Repair procedures for industrial diesel engine fuel systems.

Troubleshooting procedures for diesel engine diagnostics.

Wrote in a structured authoring/controlled content environment.


Minneapolis, MN

Bus air conditioning system operation, maintenance, and repair manuals.

Lake Shore, Inc

Kingsford, MI

(contract, one year)

Completed a large Mil-Spec maintenance-level procedure manual for U.S. Navy shipboard aircraft salvage crane.

Wrote associated depot-level repair procedures.

Wrote the associated training course text.

ComSpec (Publishing Firm)

One year writing GM shop manuals for all automotive systems. (first technical writing job)