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Native Prairie Garden


Manitowoc-Two Rivers Bike Trail

Established a 400-plant native prairie garden in order to:

  • demonstrate how native flowing plants require less maintenance and are favored by pollinators.
  • show how native flowing plants are favored by pollinators
  • show how one person can create a native plant-insect community and assist native pollinators.
  • introduce trail users to plants that were once abundant on Wisconsin lands.

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Short-term contract to address safety and other electrical critical issues


Troubleshooting and repair of electrical circuits in all facility buildings, incl. cabins, dorms, kitchen, classrooms, shop, and other utility spaces.

Utilized an "Ideal" circuit tester to test every outlet on the property.

Over a 4-month period (part-time) and as a volunteer the previous summer, replaced several service panels, dug ditches for and installed underground cabling, and removed unused wiring and panels.

Replaced approximately 40 faulty, broken, worn, and incorrectly wired outlets, including GFCIs where appropriate.

Sourced internet sellers to obtain very-low-cost hospital-grade and industrial-grade (premium quality) outlets to replace the cheap outlets.

Harmony JACK Organic Farm



Independent logging contract

Using my professional-grade Husqvarna, Ford 4000 diesel tractor, Farmi winch, and a collection of pulleys, I precision-thinned (10-15%) a stand of 100 to 130-foot Douglas fir (which had displaced the original oak savanna due to fire supression), sending five truckloads to the mill.

Easily the most fun I ever had.

That strapped to the front of the tractor is a 20-gallon plastic barrel I filled with concrete to counterweight the winch.

Also performed various electrical and other repair work.

Shown are mostly 40-footers felled or winched into place. To be retrieved by a self-loader log truck.

Due to the stand being even-aged and the trees growing very close together, the trees were extremely tight-grained, straight, and clear.