Process Control/Manufacturing

Mega Fluid Systems

   Tualatin, OR

Independent contract

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Updated and made comprehensive improvements to operation and maintenance manuals for high-purity fluid mixing, filtering, and delivery systems primarily used in semiconductor manufacturing.


   Appleton, WI

3-1/2 years
Independent contract

Operator manuals [example] and roll-removal procedures for paper-making machines.

Also assisted with marketing materials and white papers.

Converted all manuals from type-written and various word-processing formats to Framemaker. This presented the opportunity to design all new user-friendly layouts and styles templates.

Freed engineers from the task of making roll-removal drawings and procedures by assuming this task. Greatly improved on the usual hand-drawn sketches and minimal instruction by creating CAD drawings and more developed procedures.

Considerable time and expense was saved as well. My method allowed a very efficient creation of over 200 roll removal drawings. For one project, approximately 150 to-scale drawing were created at an average of about 30 minutes per drawing.

Solid Controls

   Hopkins, MN

Independent contract

Set of 3 manuals (Installation, Operation, and Software) for a PLC designed to control plastic extruding machines.

Mostly original writing for a unique new product.

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