MTS Systems

Eden Prairie, MN


Operation and maintenance manuals for robotic dinosaurs ("Jurassic Park") and a roller coaster launching system ("The Hulk") which were installed in the Universal Studios Florida theme park.

Operation and maintenance manuals for several biomedical test devices, including test equipment for prosthetic knee and hip joints.

All projects required original writing for one-off, unique products.

Completed all projects significantly under the hour estimates provided by management.

Took on a project another writer had sat on for months and completed it within the expected due date.


Minneapolis, MN


Assembly manuals for air filter/humidifiers constructed on the front end of gas turbine generator installations.

Two stints at this company, a one-year and a four-month.

A Safety Equipment Manufacturer

Independent contract

Wordless instruction illustrating.

example 1: page 1 page 2
example 2

A Tech Pubs Firm

Independent contract

Wrote several operation and maintenance manuals for Hobart commercial kitchen equipment.


Independent contract

Updated several new large manuals describing various mortgage loan products and their requirements, as well as company policies.


Independent contract

Numerous Framemaker conversion projects (i.e., Word documents into Framemaker) for various clients.